In-Perfection #19

Hey darlings, I'm so sorry for being away for too long. I have been searching for the meaning of meaning (literally) and trying to balance reality with fiction. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this lengthy episode and find it in your heart to forgive me...and wish me a happy birthday. Yup, your... Continue Reading →


…ninety-seven…ninety-eight… *grunts*…ninety-nine…one hundred… Michael pushed himself into sitting position, grabbed the towel on the hanger by him and wiped his face and his neck, folding it neatly and putting it away afterwards. He picked up the water bottle and guzzled down the content, inhaling deeply as he tried to catch his breath after his routine... Continue Reading →


Hello beautiful people, i know you are wondering if you read the title wrong. Well, guess what... You didn't. You are welcome to the VALENTINE SPECIAL where I give you double the love and that means two episodes in one day. Great, right? Don't forget that today isn't just about our spouses and partners but... Continue Reading →


It was a week after the New Year celebration. The long holiday was finally over and while other people dreaded the long year called “January” with its biting cold in the mornings and blistering heat at noon, endless bills accumulated during the holidays and the sudden hike in fuel price; Michael usually relished returning to... Continue Reading →


Happy Belated birthday to our dearest Ebipere Peter Berezi (Michael). We are elated to have you as a part of the Ink Family. Thank you for being a blessing to us with those amazing pictures and bringing the character to life. We wish you long life and prosperity. "Yes honey. Your mother is here to... Continue Reading →

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